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I was in the store browsing, when a lady came in.She was looking for something that her children inadvertantly put into the stuff she brought in for donation.

Not having found it at request, she left in quite an emotional state after requesting them to call if they found it. No sooner was she out the door, than the 2 ladies that supervise the business began speaking to each other saying such things as she should have come in wasnt their responsibility to deal with her junk and how *** she was and how they were not going to call her regardless. The products here are all donated or so i thought when shortly thereafter one said to the other something about having found the gloves another lady had left on the counter and had come looking for. They said they were worth quite a bit and would be nice to sell and that is why they didnt tell the person who had come in looking for them that they were there.

This was all in a matter of 20 minutes that i was in the store. I walked out and i will not be donating here again!

I suggest others do the same!There are red boxes throughout the area that will recieve my donations from now on!


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Dorothy the manager is absolutely rude and has no business working in customer service. She's even rude to the special help there. Sick!

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